VR Playground BLOG

Our mission at AlterityVR is to advance understanding around the native design of VR user interface, creation of user centric, VR branded content, the growth of VR applications in industry verticals and the practice of VR in consumer marketing.


Various techsperts have predicted that 2016 will be the year VR becomes real for everyone.

If you are interested in VR but don’t know much about the medium then I hope the collection of posts I publish here from across the web can help you understand the key themes and future applications of this technology.

VR Playground seeks to highlight the key factors around VR product design, development, user experience, creative storytelling, media and branded entertainment driving this transformation.

The site purpose is to provide a curated collection of important news and insights from VR industry players in order to explain to the general public and those looking to integrate VR communications into their organisation, how VR technology will alter day to day life for consumer audiences and impact both existing and emerging markets. The articles shared are taken from third party websites and are not altered from their original form. All articles contain links back to the author and credit the site where the original content was published.