In its newly opened Shanghai storefront, China-based luxury travel agency Zanadu has unveiled an enticing new virtual reality shopping experience.

Luxury travel agency Zanadu has found a way to make its new brick and mortar location worth dropping into. The previously online-only China-based travel agency debuted a Shanghai concept store in August, and it features a collection of premium cinematic virtual reality films. This is the first VR travel concept store in the world and the largest travel store in China.

Focused on consolidating the luxury travel experience for cutting-edge Chinese travelers, Zanadu offers partnerships with premium airlines, hotels, cruise lines and customized travel and lifestyle opportunities. Zanadu’s Shanghai concept space combines 360 degree virtual reality while offering seamless integration of mobile application, e-commerce and social media.

This year, the company received an undisclosed investment from boutique investment bank Prometheus Capital and a $12 million investment (82 million renminbi) from Chinese investment holdings company Tencent.

In the newly debuted concept shop, guests use Samsung Gear head-mounted displays in combination with Samsung Galaxy S7 phones to visualize some of the world’s most amazing hotels, destinations and activities offered by the agency. The unique experience gives prospective clients the opportunity to fly around the world and experience their favorite travel destinations before actually booking the trip.

In 2015, Chinese travelers spent $215 billion abroad, up 53 percent from 2014. This means Chinese tourists are now spending far more than any other country while traveling abroad, including Americans.



If this trend is any indicator, the luxury Chinese tourist is a growing and untapped consumer. Zeroing in on this market with the most modern marketing tools, Zanadu has created a clever platform for global travel and exchange.

This article was originally posted on PSFK, on February 1st, 2017 and written Kimberly Johnson.