VR has made strides not only in the entertainment industry, but in education, health care, real estate, eCommerce, tourism, military, law enforcement, and advertising as well. There are many advantages to using Virtual Reality in the business realm.

It personalises customer engagement, saves money, time and resources, improves conversion, retention, and recall, and provides a real environment experience. Virtual Reality users will see that they have many different options when it comes to VR content. Some of these include videos and 360 videos, games, social networks, art, eCommerce, and educational content.

Within the next 2 years, VR is expected to reach 171 million users and even has predictions that the use of VR for tourism will overtake actual tourism within the next 30 years. Virtual Reality continues to grow rapidly and is sure to change many aspects of our daily lives.

Below is an infographic by Helios Solutions that outlines how VR is currently being used across different market segments, the type of content developed and future predictions for the medium.